Meat Store Online Retailers – Tips To Finding The Best Beef

Meat Store web retailers fulfill beef, pork, lamb, and poultry orders and ship the products directly to homes throughout Australia. There are various business models in space. Some stores buy pre-cut parts from wholesalers, while others buy whole carcasses and parts cut away when the order is made.

Some stores provide grain-fed wide-ranging beef usual that comes from cows reared on the farm, while the other specializes in the cutting of 100% grass-fed beef from the so-called 'naturally raised' livestock. However, the best butcher shop operations following the direct sales approach 'farm to fork'.

In this model, small-scale farmers raise, harvest, and process their cattle and ship directly to consumers while cutting out the middle-man. Typically, they sell 100% grass-fed beef from pasture-raised animals that are not 'finished' in feed-lots.

When choosing a retailer, there are some things you should look for:

  • Understanding where and how they source their finished products.
  • Ask how the animals they raised. Are the factory-farmed animals or produced by small-scale farmers? Do cattle finish in feed-lots, or 100% pasture-raised?
  • Be clear about the labels used to describe their products. (The word "organic" has a specific meaning under US federal law, while other words like "natural, pure, 100% natural with no meaning consistent).
  • Get a clear understanding of their delivery times and schedules. Some companies ship overnight, while others ship the next day.
  • Make sure the company has a real, live customer service representative that you can call for additional information.