Fire Watch Security Guard Services In Washington DC

Fire watch services are mostly required when either the sprinkler system does not work; water is shut off for repair work or if there is a heightened risk for fire. In any case, it is extremely important to hire the right security company with experienced and well trained fire watch security guards.

Many clients make the mistake to go online and hire the company that will provide the cheapest service. As in most instances that is the absolutely wrong approach. Fire watches require security companies that have experience with fire watches and the protocol that fire marshals require.

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If the right protocol and the right behaviors are not followed it will not only the fire watch useless, but it will create a great liability and might result in a hefty fine from the fire department. Always ensure that the security company is experienced in providing fire watches and know what they are doing.

Once the security guard is hired it is extremely important to share all potential risk factors with him. It is not enough to just give him the keys and ask him to provide a fire watch. An experienced fire watches guard will ask to be familiarized with the property.

The security company should be available throughout the time of the fire watch and should employ supervisors that will check in with the security officer frequently. That will not only hold the security guard accountable to frequently check the property, but it will also ensure the wellbeing of the security guard.