Things for Young Ones In Australia’s Gold Coast

Gold Coast Australia is filled with many natural wonders that will keep the kids amused. They will love playing on the incredible beaches and in many of the region's famous parts.

More than just parks and beaches there are some points that correspond to the children in your family, and most of them are fun for the whole family as well.

Children like to try their hand at mini-golf, and if you're looking for a fun family activity type, there are three local courses to choose from. You can browse to know more about Gold Coast.

If you're hunting for some fun themed golf then you can have a look at King Tutts Putt Putt in Surfers Paradise or Putt-Putt Golf at Mermaid Beach.


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Both entertaining courses for all ages and is open all day, 7 days a week for your entertainment. Lilliputt also located in Surfers Paradise and a lush green garden is of course provide some challenges for those who love to be surrounded by living plants.

QI Deck is a fun activity else for the whole family and with cafes, snack bars and refreshment provided as you enjoy a 360 degree view of the entire territory of the Gold Coast you will love taking the kids around to get a view of what feels like the top of the world.

Children will delight in the scenery and enjoy some snacks. This activity will take at least an hour and maybe a little longer if you happen to be traveling with young children.

Infinity is a special treat for the entire family. It's like a funhouse with 20 different illusions, mirrors, lights and special effects that have to do with space.

It is located in Surfers Paradise and is open every day from 10: 00-10: 00. Children under 3 years old receive free admission and can still have fun; ideal for families with children of all ages and a world of fun for adults too.

If the family loved this attraction, they will almost certainly also had an incredible time at Dracula's Haunted House is a little scary for the younger sect but also has a lot of special effects of Infinity as well.