Condo – Things To Consider Before Buying

Before you buy a condo you should take several things into consideration. This is a big purchase so you shouldn't just rush into the purchase. A condo is a good option for owning a home and many people are going that route.

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One thing you should look at is the area the condo is in. You want to be close to amenities such as the shopping mall, post office, and a hospital if you don't drive and take the bus. You don't want to live too far away from these things because it becomes a major inconvenience.

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You want to buy a condo that makes everyday living easy so you have everything you need in relatively close proximity. This is even more important if you're elderly and less mobile.


You want to do some research on the management of the condo. Some buildings are poorly managed and then can be run down and not looked after very well. There can be fees for maintaining the building so you need to be aware of these.

Fees are common but you don't want to be paying high fees so check these before you move. The more you know about the management and how the building operates the easier it will be to decide if you want to live there.